Whether you need permanent staff, contract employees or assistance with restructuring, KLC Recruitment can help. At KLC, we offer end to end recruitment services across a number of sectors and we understand that every workplace has different needs. KLC's expert team works with our clients to understand your business and help find the most valuable, suitable candidates.

A comprehensive approach

Just because someone has the skills and competencies to do a job doesn't mean that they'll be a good fit for your company. That's why the first part of our recruitment process starts with our clients - finding out what you do, what your company culture looks like, and the type of people you want to employ.

After we have an understanding of what our clients are after, we get to work finding the right candidates through careful screening that examines not only their skill set, but their behavioural and cognitive profile as well. We don't let test results speak for themselves either, we get to know candidates to make sure they're someone you'll be glad to work with everyday.

Our approach is based on honesty. If we see something amiss in our business partner's goals or expectations, we let them know and work carefully to find the right solution. We give our clients real insights about the recruitment process and let them know when we see any issues. If candidates are unsuccessful, we also provide them with useful feedback. Why take such a holistic approach? Because we believe that ongoing relationships are essential to successful recruitment.

Why choose KLC?

KLC's success rate speaks for itself. Our outplacement services have provided a 99 per cent success rate in ensuring that a candidate's next interview is followed by a job offer. That's not just because they are great candidates, but because we put them forward for the right jobs.

There are a lot of recruitment companies out there, but don't make the mistake of assuming that a larger company will deliver better results. At KLC, we take the time to find the right candidates and ensure you have a valuable experience with us. We design our recruitment services with our business partners in mind and are glad to tailor our processes to you.

Recruitment services

Whether you need to put people in professional, white collar or blue collar roles, KLC has your recruitment needs covered. We screen and test candidates' skills and competencies rigorously to ensure we only put forth the very best for your business. We are so confident in our services that we offer a 100 per cent money back guarantee every time, but have never needed to exercise it.

Permanent Recruitment Services: We understand that a candidate's skills can only go so far if they don't fit in with your company culture. That's why we take the time to get to know our clients and their business, screen and test meticulously, and only present the best, most valuable candidates.

Contract/Temporary Recruiting Services: From initial talent screening to regular client visits, KLC covers all aspects of contract recruiting. We know that you can't pay expensive fees every time you need temporary staff members, so we have designed cost effective solutions to help you find competent labour that can get the job done. We test and check references carefully to ensure we find people you'll want to employ again.

Bulk Project Recruitment: When you're planning a major restructuring or trying to fill multiple positions, you don't want a cookie cutter recruitment solution. We provide our clients with specialised bulk recruitment packages, working within your time and budget restraints to find the most appropriate people for your workplace.