Diversity and EEO

Gender Diversity 

KLC Recruitment recognises that its most valuable asset is its people and we are dependent on our team’s performance, dedication, professionalism and capabilities. KLC’s Gender Diversity Operational Strategy provides a framework to assist our team in developing and implementing effective strategies around workplace culture, leadership and employment practices to improve gender diversity within the organisation.


Currently over 90% of our staff are women and 100% of our management team are female. Of that 90%, 45% of our female staff work flexible hours to accommodate to their work and life responsibilities and of that 45%, more than half of those employees are return to work mother’s.


Aligned with KLC’s commitment to a dynamic culture that strives for success, KLC will be a leading advocate for gender equality, promoting the beliefs of an inclusive culture in all aspects of its operations. The Director and General Manager, both of whom are women, will lead social inclusion and gender equality.


KLC achieves this through:

  • Being a role model for all employees and the wider community through improving the representation of women in senior positions;
  • Being a leading gender equality organisation through our working environment which is inclusive and fair to all genders;
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent possible, no matter their gender and harnessing the skills and talents of all staff;
  • Reducing gender pay gaps;
  • Being innovative and promoting a flexible workplace which enables our staff to balance their work and life responsibilities;
  • Retaining a gender diverse workplace;


KLC Recruitment recognise the following benefits to both business and employees through diversity and equal opportunity: 


Business Benefits

Employee Benefits

Talent attraction and retention

Perceived organisational support

High quality teamwork skills

Increased morale and motivation

Improved organisational image

Improved career opportunities

Ability to understand and relate to a diverse range of candidates and clients

Appreciation and respect for
differences between people


This gender diversity operational strategy acknowledges our diverse range of employees that contribute to KLC Recruitment and recognises that our diversity is what allows us to be an organisation who will continue to lead gender equity improvements by example in the recruitment sector. 


 Disability Support 

KLC Recruitment is committed to making reasonable adjustments for a person offered employment, or to an existing employee with a disability, to enable them to perform the genuine and reasonable requirements of the job.


What is a disability?

KLC Recruitment understand the definition of disability is broad and includes:

  • Total or partial loss of bodily function or a part of the body
  • The presence in the body of organisms that may cause disease
  • A mental or psychological disease or disorder, or other condition that may result in a person learning more slowly
  • Past disability or impairment which may include childhood illness or a past period of psychiatric illness


Recruitment process for those with a disability

KLC is committed to be a disability confident organisation with this policy in place to ensure people with a disability are not only included but are considered throughout recruitment stages. KLC recognises that in order to allow a fair process, the following must be considered when considering employing a person with a disability: 

  • Breaks in previous employment may exist causing large resume gaps
  • The candidate may possess transferable skills acquired from non-traditional work or personal experience
  • Understanding not every candidate needs to be assessed in an identical manner
  • Offer flexibility in the interview and assessment process, which may involve waiving certain testing if there are alternative ways to obtain the information
  • During the interview, consultants will ask candidates if any reasonable adjustments are required for them to succeed in their role

Reasonable Workplace Adjustments

KLC recognises that a workplace adjustment is a change to a work process, practice, procedure or environment that enables an employee with a disability to perform their job in a way that minimises the impact of their disability and allows them to work efficiently.

Workplace adjustments allow an employee to:

  • Perform the essential requirements of their job safely in the workplace
  • Have equal opportunity in recruitment processes, promotion and ongoing development
  • Experience equal terms and conditions of employment
  • Maximise productivity

KLC Recruitment commits itself to support its employees who may suffer from a disability by making the following adjustments:

  • Reviewing and if necessary, adjusting the performance requirements of the job
  • Arrange flexibility in work hours such as working part time or starting and finishing later
  • Approving more regular breaks for people with chronic pain or fatigue
  • Buying desks with adjustable heights for people who suffer from back pain or use a wheelchair
  • Redistributing minor duties that a person with a disability may find hard to do
  • Provide additional training, mentoring, supervision and support


Unreasonable Workplace Adjustments

KLC Recruitment understand that when making decisions about reasonable adjustments, we need to weigh up the need for change with the expense or effort involved in making it. If making the adjustment means a very high cost or great disruption to the workplace, it is not likely to be reasonable. KLC Recruitment note that in some cases we can lawfully decide not to make requested adjustments if either of the following are applicable:

  • The adjustments needed are not in fact reasonable, with reference to relevant circumstance
  • The person with the disability could not perform the genuine and reasonable requirements of the job even if the adjustments were made.