5 Feb 2020

How To Win With Your New Boss Or CEO

As a CEO herself, our director Chris shares 10 points on how to successfully win over your new boss within the first month, week, even day of your new role!

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29 Jan 2020

Why Psychometric Testing is Important in Recruitment

Employers like to know as much as possible about candidates, so what can psychometric tests offer those looking to recruit?

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7 Jan 2020

New Year, New Me!

As we sit back and reflect on the year that was 2019, many of us take pause to also think about what we want to achieve both personally and professionally for the new year ahead. We discuss 4 tips to find your "new me" in a new role!

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31 Dec 2019

Survival Guide for 2020

If you are going into the new year with a sinking feeling that you aren’t prepared or that it’s unlikely your current job will provide you any new benefits, then here are some possible remedies and tips for surviving 2020 in an office.

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24 Dec 2019

How to ask for a pay rise and what to do if you don't get one

It’s the dreaded conversation that can make the most confident of people feel awkward! This weeks blog post will ensure you're prepared for your next performance review and gives you suggestions on what to do if you don't get the pay rise you were after.

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11 Dec 2019

Funny Moments in HR

Working within the Human Resources Field, and working with other humans, is not only a blessing but a guaranteed good time. This blog lists some of the funniest moments we have experienced working within HR

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5 Dec 2019

6 Best Work Christmas Party Ideas

The festive season is well and truly upon us so if you haven't planned your Christmas Party - now is a good time! We list some of the best Christmas Party ideas that are sure to get your team raising you a glass this silly season!

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26 Nov 2019

Why You Should Think Twice About Ghosting a Recruiter

The term ghosting was unheard of ten years ago, fast forward and now we hear the term widely used not only in online dating but in recruitment! Like we get it, life becomes too busy sometimes that you can’t make a date or in our case an interview – but when did common courtesy go out the door?

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20 Nov 2019

Why Taking Annual Leave Is Beneficial For Your Health

Our director Chris Sacco recently took a short vacation and reflected on the importance of taking annual leave days for not only your enjoyment, but your mental and physical health!

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12 Nov 2019

What To Consider When Choosing References

You're nearing the final stretch of the interview process and this crucial part could be the difference in you securing or missing out on a new role. We discuss the most important things to consider when choosing a reference.

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6 Nov 2019

5 Ways To Go Green

Offices generate a large amount of environmental waste and as of recent KLC have put steps in place to make our office more eco-friendly. Here are 5 ways you can go green and reduce your carbon footprint!

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29 Oct 2019

Termination Talking Points

It's the dreaded 'T' word many of us are familiar with- Termination! In this weeks blog post we discuss what to do if you are unfairly dismissed and the obligations an employer has when letting an employee go.

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22 Oct 2019

How To Go Paperless

Did you know that it takes on average 5 litres of water to make one piece of A4 paper and it also produces 25% of our landfill waste? This blog post discusses how you can become a paperless organisation today!

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16 Oct 2019

Why Hiring Grad's is Beneficial

Employing a graduate has many benefits that often gets overlooked by employers. Graduates are literally fighting for work after university, but would it be worthwhile for your company to hire one?

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9 Oct 2019

5 things to do in the first week of your new role!

You want to make a good first impression on both your manager and your co-workers within the first week of you new role. Get yourself started off on the right foot by doing these five things...

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4 Oct 2019

10 Things NOT To Say At Work

Saying the wrong thing never feels great – but at work, it can be truly horrible. I know this feeling all too well, so I decided to give my insight and tips on what NOT to say at work!

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25 Sep 2019

Employee Perks To Drive Company Retention

For many organisations, keeping staff engaged is an ongoing struggle. KLC's Director Chris discusses her thoughts on boosting employee engagement to ultimately drive your companies retention!

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18 Sep 2019

How to be found on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for candidates, employers and recruiters alike. It's a professional tool used by millions worldwide and here are some tips and tricks to ensure you are found on LinkedIn!

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12 Sep 2019


Today marks an important day to check in with one another and ensure they are doing OK - This weeks blog post is written by one of our very brave staff members who gives insight into mental health and how to best cope

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4 Sep 2019

The Secret To Being Happy At Work

Happiness at work can mean different things for different people. For some, monetary benefits and rewards can be the cause for overall job satisfaction whereas for others, a friendly environment with a greater work life balance can far outweigh any dollar amount!

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