14 Sep 2021

Why a clean social media is important when applying for jobs

Many people ask why is social media profile is so important for getting a job? This can be positive in most aspects, there can be some areas of concern when it comes to the relationship between social media and your work life, especially when applying for jobs.

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7 Sep 2021

How to answer the most common interview questions

Interviews are a part of everyone’s employment journey, however like most things in life they are a learned skill. Expecting to show up to an interview without preparing, is comparable to turning up to a test without studying and expecting to ace it- not likely.

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1 Sep 2021

5 signs you’ve found the right candidate

Whether you are looking to fill a role internally or for a client, the ability to know the makings of a great candidate goes beyond a strong work history. Finding success in recruiting requires thorough investigation and great instincts.

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17 Aug 2021

6 ways a recruitment agency can transform your job search

A recruitment agency is a fantastic resource to utilise in your job search. It costs you nothing and a recruiter is a representative for you in your job search. Read this blog to learn more!

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10 Aug 2021

The Benefits of Mentoring

The benefit of mentoring is one of the greatest gifts of all when it comes to leadership. Mentoring is more than the transfer of advice, knowledge and insights. The relationship offers reciprocal benefits for mentors willing to invest their time in developing another professional.

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3 Aug 2021

Education VS Experience: Which do employers value more?

Experience and education are important in a job search because they show employers that you have the right credentials for their role. Read this blog to know the importance of each!

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27 Jul 2021

Explaining Redundancy in an Interview

Being made redundant can be an agonizing time. If you get challenged about either of these situations during an interview, consider our tips and prepare yourself to speak confidently about where your strengths are!

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20 Jul 2021

8 common hiring mistakes that could cost you big

It has never been more important to nail your hiring decisions. All the more reason for avoiding some of these common hiring mistakes that could have a big impact on your ability to succeed in the fast changing world we work in.

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13 Jul 2021

Why taking annual leave is important

Taking a break can help on an individual and organisational level. By taking annual leave, workers can reduce stress and increase happiness, which leads to increased productivity, reduced staff turnover and reduced absences due to sick leave!

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8 Jul 2021

5 things to ask your boss instead of Money

In today’s day and age, there is so much more to job satisfaction than just the money we receive for doing our jobs. Here are 5 other perks that individuals look for other than money!

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29 Jun 2021

Why cover letters are important

Some companies value cover letters more than others depending on the position you apply for, but it’s still an important tool for you to use that can help you get noticed. In this blog, Chris discuss why it’s important for you to send one with your resume and other tips you should consider before submission.

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22 Jun 2021

Common mistakes on your resume that can be easily fixed to get that position

For those out there seeking a new job, it is more important than ever for your resume to stand out from the crowd. Check out this blog to know more!

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16 Jun 2021

Top 3 Soft Skills

Soft skills refer to both character traits and interpersonal skills that will influence how well a person can work or interact with others. Knowing your own capabilities can help you as a potential candidate not only in job interviews, but also overall in the workplace.

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1 Jun 2021

5 ways to make yourself instantly more employable

In today’s competitive landscape of businesses and careers, there’s a tough fight for every vacancy. Check out this blog to know more on how to make yourself more employable instantly!

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25 May 2021

Key words to use in your resume

Resume keywords are critical to helping you get your resume noticed by employers. By including keywords in your resume and cover letter, you'll increase your chances of landing a job interview!

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18 May 2021

10 Tips to help your Job hunt

Job hunting involves more than searching for open positions and sending your resume to employers. Here are 10 tips that you can use to improve your chances of finding the employment you desire!

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11 May 2021

Skills vs Attitude: What is more important?

In an ideal world, the best combination of all is having a great skill and attitude that goes along with positive thinking. Check out this blog to know what is more important!

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27 Apr 2021

10 signs you are ready to manage people

Do you see people management as the next rung on your career ladder, but not sure if you’re ready for the additional responsibility? Here are ten signs that suggest you’re already on your way!

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20 Apr 2021

How to Prepare for a Phone screen/Interview

While you're job searching, it's important to be prepared for a phone interview at a moment's notice. Many companies start the interview process with a phone call to discuss the job opportunity with a prospective employee whether the candidate is a good fit in the position.

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13 Apr 2021

When to accept a Temporary Job?

When looking for a job, you will come across temporary job posts but temporary job can be a great stepping stone and can have some great benefits too! This blog will outline when to accept a temporary job.

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