19 Jan 2021

Social Responsibility in the Workplace

Social Responsibility is the way your company gives back to and takes care of the community. Here are some types of Corporate Social Responsibility that you might consider in your organisation!

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13 Jan 2021

How Employers Can Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

Do your employees operate a healthy lifestyle? There are ways to promote healthy lifestyles in your employees so that their health gets disturbed a lot less. This is a guide for employers who want to promote a healthy work-life balance for their teams.

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5 Jan 2021

You've been let off - now what?

The feeling of being let go from your job isn't something easy to digest. From the five stages of grief to planning for the future, this blog shares some of the best things to do once you've been fired!

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21 Dec 2020

KLC 2020 Reflection Blog

The team at KLC Recruitment reflect on the year that was 2020. From adapting to celebrating to now looking forward at the future, it is the amazing team support and love for our jobs that has got us through this. From all of us at KLC, have a happy and safe New Year!

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16 Dec 2020

Making the most out of your lunchbreak

With the year almost over and the busy Christmas period upon us, now is the time when people are working hard to get their work done resulting in many skipping or missing their lunch breaks. Here is how to make the most out of your lunch breaks so you can perform at your best!

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9 Dec 2020

Your guide to HR as a career path

Are you looking at a career in HR and want to know where to start? This blog explores the questions to ask yourself before you consider a career in HR and some sound advice from a HR professional with over 11 years experience!

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2 Dec 2020

How to lift yourself back up after being fired?

Let's talk about the F word. FIRED! Getting fired can be a horrible experience however here are some simple steps on how to get through the grief, pick yourself back up and move forward in your career!

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25 Nov 2020

How to ensure your employees are advocates for your brand

Employees are a vital part of the continuing development and success of a business. Not only from the work they do and the income they generate but for the advocacy then can provide to prospective clients and potential employees.

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18 Nov 2020

Employee Retention Strategies

Staffing is one of the most important parts of all businesses and keeping those staff is the only way a company can continue to successfully operate. Here are some strategies your business can put in place to encourage staff not to leave!

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10 Nov 2020

5 signs its time to look for a new job

Leaving your job is a scary thought, but when you're not happy, is it really worth sticking around for? Here are 5 signs that it is time to update your resume and start looking for a new role!

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4 Nov 2020

Micromanaging Pros and Cons

Micromanaging has its benefits, however it also holds many negatives for both the employee and manager alike. Our director Chris Sacco shares her management style and top 3 tips to ultimately avoid micromanaging all together!

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28 Oct 2020

Benefits of Hiring ‘Return to Work Mums’

Rather than seeing mothers as a challenging employee to manage, employers need to start seeing the advantages that 'return to work mums' bring to the workplace! From a personal perspective, todays blog post discusses these benefits!

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22 Oct 2020

Adopting an Empathetic Culture

For an organisation to maintain a healthy work culture, it is crucial to build empathy within the workplace. Culture in a workplace is driven from the top down so here are some steps for leaders on how to adopt an empathetic work culture!

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14 Oct 2020

5 Ways to Recognise Your Employees

As recruiters we find it surprising when candidates are looking at other opportunities because they do not feel appreciated or recognised at their current workplace. This blog shares 5 ways employers can recognise their employees!

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7 Oct 2020

How to start your career using social media

Social media is no longer used only to stay in touch with others or to post about our lives, it is has become a valuable resource for job seekers as well as recruiters to find the best candidates. Here's how to ensure you stand out to employers on your social media!

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29 Sep 2020

Benefits of Upskilling During Lockdown

The current restrictions in Victoria have seen us under house arrest all day every day for those both employed and unemployed. So, what better time to consider so upskilling, while we have more time on our hands! Here are 3 reasons why upskilling is beneficial to your professional life, and your personal life too!

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23 Sep 2020

How to answer ‘what is your weakness?’

Have you ever been asked a question in your job interview that has you completely stuck for words? Well you are not alone. Today's blog post dives into the question 'what is your weakness' and how to best answer it!

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16 Sep 2020

3 things that drive your manager nuts

We have all had to report to someone at least once in our working life and we have all been frustrated with how those superiors have managed us or situations. However have you ever thought about it the other way around? This blog shares 3 things that employees do which can drive their manager nuts!

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9 Sep 2020

5 Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual team building activities are incredibly important during this period not only for team cohesion, but also for employee wellbeing! Check out our top 5 Virtual Team Building Activities that have kept the team at KLC connected!

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3 Sep 2020

How to Ensure Your Team Doesn't Fail

Creating a successful team is not easy and many teams fail due to lack of direction from up the line. Now more than ever it is so important that we ensure we have clear purpose, vision and understanding about the future. Here's how to ensure, as a manager, your team succeeds!

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