26 Aug 2020

Dealing with Workplace Bullies

Being bullied at work can harm both your mental and physical health and happens to more people than you think. Here is a guide on how to spot the workplace bully and the best way to not let them win!

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19 Aug 2020

Indirect Discrimination

Most people know that discrimination is unlawful under the Equal Opportunities Act 2010, however can you tell the difference between 'direct' and 'indirect' discrimination? Today's blog discuss how your company might be indirectly discriminating without even realising it!

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12 Aug 2020

Working From Home - Office Fitness

It's been 5 months since we have been working from the comfort of our own home. To you this might be in your family study, at the kitchen table, from the couch or on a makeshift table in a random corner of your room! Wherever you have set up your home office, it's time to get up, move your body and keep Home Office Fit!

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5 Aug 2020

Proven Time Management Strategies

Managing your time is not about working harder or faster, it is the ability to work smarter to accomplish goals, reduce stress and increase productivity. This blog lists some strategies that you can apply to help manage your time effectively!

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29 Jul 2020

The 6 most important things leaders need to be doing to survive this crisis

This week KLC have another guest blogger and it is our very own business coach Stefan Kazakis. From cash flow to cash neutral, Stefan provides some expert tips on how to keep your business afloat by thinking like a leader!

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23 Jul 2020

Letter from the Director

An honest, open and raw letter from our Director Chris Sacco on the year thus far. A reminder to everyone that we are all in this together!

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22 Jul 2020

Staff Engagement During Lockdown 2.0

Just for now let’s throw all the “what I should do as manager” handbooks out the window and think as though you were the fun manager... what would that look like? This blog explores some examples of how to keep your staff engaged during lockdown 2.0!

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15 Jul 2020

First Home Buyer Benefits Explained

KLC reached out to one of our long term clients for a guest blog appearance! Nic and Tom from Integrity Finance outline the 5 current schemes to help you purchase your first home!

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8 Jul 2020

Referring Friends To Your Workplace

Whether or not to refer a friend to your place of work can be a tricky decision to make. Personally I have had experience with this and have spoken with my colleagues on their thoughts regarding this topic. Check out this week's blog post for a KLC exclusive!

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1 Jul 2020

Managing your workload and parenting

Juggling your work load and your child are both equally as stressful and many of us are currently attempting both at the same time. Here are some tips on how to achieve work outcomes while keeping the little ones entertained.

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24 Jun 2020

Preparing For Behavioural Based Questions

Behavioural based interview questions help the interviewer understand how you've performed and behaved in the past with actual results and scenarios. These questions can catch you by surprise and have you wriggling in your seat - here is how to best prepare yourself for the inevitable!

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17 Jun 2020

Working From Home Productivity

We are all guilty of a quick un-stack of the dishwasher or a second lunch at 2pm, however what's to say that your day isn't just as productive as it would be in the office! Our director Chris Sacco outlines her suggestions on achieving high productivity while working from home!

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11 Jun 2020

Benefits Of Temporary Employment

For both employees and employers, Temporary Recruitment has its perks! From filling the gap in your resume to saving on on-boarding costs, this week's blog post discusses all the benefits to this recruitment solution!

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3 Jun 2020

Mental Health While Working From Home

Just as it is important to look after your physical health, it’s also important to keep on top of how you are feeling. Today's blog lists some common feelings you might be experiencing during this time, followed by tips to protect your mental health when working from home.

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27 May 2020

Remote Performance Review

Performance management for many managers is a scenario that is often put in the "too hard" basket, but why? This weeks blog post helps you as an employer successfully implement and manage an effective performance management plan.

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20 May 2020

KLC Isolation Tips

It's been exactly 9 weeks since KLC moved to a working from home arrangement and it's fair to say we have learnt some valuable things along the way. The benefits of having such a close knit team is that we share a lot with each other, this blog post discusses our top tips for iso!

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13 May 2020

Working From Home Health & Safety

Currently a large majority of us are working from home. Whilst it is for our own protection, we need to still be mindful of Workplace Health & Safety by ensuring the protection of our employees and our business!

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6 May 2020

Where To Start With Your Job Hunt

So, you've lost your job and don't know where to begin with the job hunt. You're stressed, your resume is 5 years old and you have no idea how to properly interview. Don't worry, KLC have some tips on how you can best prepare.

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29 Apr 2020

Kindergarten At Home

With lock-down laws still in place and the uncertainty of when it will all go back to normal it is important to keep your children in routine. I sat down with one of KLC's Kindergarten Relief Workers for her tips on keeping the kids busy and educated during such a time as now.

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22 Apr 2020

How To Prepare For Your Virtual Interview

Everybody finds interview preparation daunting and with the current social distancing situation and most interviews now via a video link, there are some rules of the game that always apply.

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