5 Ways To Go Green

5 Ways To Go Green

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We all know that offices generate lots of environmental waste, but as of recent times many businesses have been putting in steps to make their office more eco-friendly. If you are looking to make your workplace more environmentally friendly, then here are a few keyways you too can achieve this.


1. Save electricity and maximising natural light

Studies have shown that when employees are able to work near sunlit windows or have exposure to natural light, they work at a 15% higher production rate than when they are exposed only to office lights. Not only has it been proven that natural light motivates your employees to work harder but relying more on natural light conserves energy constantly. Turning off lights, heaters and electronics in the evening will not only help preserve energy, but also save you money on your electricity bill.

In addition to this, using LED light bulbs instead of a standard light bulb is a great way to preserve energy. Not many people are aware that LED bulbs consume less power than your average lightbulb, resulting in an overall reduction in greenhouse emissions from power plants.

2. Utilise Keep Cups

Contrary to popular belief, disposable paper coffee cups are not able to be recycled, only the plastic lid is due to the type of plastic inserted in the cup itself. Using ceramic, glass and titanium coffee mugs, keep cups and water bottles are a practical solution to reducing the amount of waste we populate and encourages better health and wellness practices whilst also greatly benefiting the environment. 


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3. Go Paperless

Did you know that 45% of printouts end up in a rubbish bin by the end of the day? The thought of your office going paperless may seem like a strenuous task, but there are only a few small changes that would need to be made to have a large impact on our environment. This can be done through moving to paperless meetings where all participants may use their devices to take notes and using e-signatures for clients and candidates so they may digitally sign documentation rather than it being printed and resent. Another way you can go paperless both in the office and at home is to use a tea towel or microfiber cloth instead of paper towel. 

4. Create monthly challenges

Monthly team challenges can be a fun way to incorporate environmentally friendly practices by combining friendly competition with environmental changes. A great example is challenging your team to go plastic free with their utensils for an entire month and only use either stainless steel or aluminum tableware when they each their lunch or indulge in an afternoon snack. By rewarding those who complete the challenge you are providing motivation for your employees whilst also helping the environment.


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5. Buy items in bulk

It goes without saying that for those in an office role, the need for stationary will always be in demand. Luckily this step as simple and easy as buying your regular office items in bulk. By buying your items in bulk, not only do you save money on delivery fees, but you are also saving companies from using excessive packaging and thus creating less waste as a result.

These are just 5 of the easiest ways your office can go green and make a big difference in the smallest of ways. 



Written By
Georgia Smythe 



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