6 Best Work Christmas Party Ideas

6 Best Work Christmas Party Ideas

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Well folks it’s that time of year again and to say that we are shocked at how fast it has come is an understatement. Yes, it’s Christmas time - that time of year where you put on repeat Michael Buble’s Christmas album, eat more than double your average food intake and spend majority of your time with loved ones. But we know Christmas isn’t always that simple and it can be quite taxing for most. The stress of making sure all the decorations are on point, that you buy the perfect KK present and that you finish the year celebrating with those you care about can have a serious toll on us. However before you stress yourself out and find yourself rocking back and forth in the corner crying, I have summed up the 6 best Christmas party ideas to make the crazy season a little less crazy.


The work Christmas party - ahhh, it is the highlight of the year if you ask me! Letting your hair down, putting on your best red lippy and raising a glass with your colleagues is such a great way to end the year. Listed below are ten of my personal favorite Christmas party ideas and don't stress - whether you're an office, a retail store, a bunch of tradies or a soul trader, I have suggestions for all of you!



You can never go wrong with a good old karaoke, or maybe you can... But none the less a night locked in a room with your work bests, drinks flowing and music pumping is sure to get the smiles on everyone's faces. You may spend Christmas day with a husky voice but it was worth watching your boss scream out Bohemian Rhapsody and spill champagne over Donna from accounts. 

Don’t be afraid to keep your Christmas party simple. Hire a venue with a dance floor; make sure there are some good tunes and a constant flow of food and drinks (very important that there is food for this one!) If you wanted to make it more extravagant, think of a theme or maybe bring some decorations. Otherwise you are all set. 

There are so many places in Melbourne that offer great karaoke rooms and packages, my personal favorite is Ichi Ni Nana in Fitzroy. Imagine being able to show everyone your incredible vocals whilst enjoying some of the best Asian fusion food Melbourne has to offer. Be sure to check that one out! 


image 5.12.19b

Winery Tour

Winery tours are such a great way to taste, smell and see some of the best wines within a region. There are so many companies that offer a winery tour package where all you have to do is rock up and bring your favorite CD of tunes for the bus. If you're a control freak and want to do certain things your way, then do what we did at KLC and plan your own! Hire the bus, choose your favorite destinations and you have an afternoon of fun in the sun! We're heading down to Melbourne's Yarra Valley this year and I can already taste the blanc de blanc at Rochford Wines - Yum! 


Picnic in the Park

If your planning a more low key, non drinking celebration, whether it includes 100 + people or a small team of 10, a picnic in the park is always a hit! Organise some great BBQ and finger food, bring a few eskys and a gazebo and you have an afternoon of laughs. Picnic's are also fantastic if you or your colleagues have kids and partners who want to join in the fun. Choose a park with a great playground and what better way to meet your work friends mini me's who they so often talk about! Some great parks in Melbourne with the best playgrounds can be found here - my person fave is Hays Paddock in Kew, spent a lot of years there as a young lass. 


Bowling and Mini Golf 

If you are still a kid at heart, arcade games, or bowling could be perfect for you. Strike bowling is a venue where you are guaranteed a great time! From cocktails to gutter balls, you are sure to have a laugh at every team member - and not just because of the shoes they are wearing!

Mini golf has certainly come along way since I was a kid. It use to be in an outdoor area and the hardest parr always included a trickling creek and big windmill! Since the launch of Holey Moley we now see mini golf in a whole new light! Bring on the booze, the fluro visors and that infamous photo on the Simpsons couch and you've got a great Christmas Party! They now have two venues in Melbourne, so there is no excuse not to book in now!


image 5.12.19a


Office Olympics

Do you have a massive team of over 100 employees? Need an idea other than putting a bar tab on at a local bar and only managing to speak to the same people you see daily instead of mingling with everyone else on level 4? Why not organise an Office Olympics! Create teams by mixing up departments or pull names out of a hat. 

This can take a bit of time and effort and you do need everyone to get involved but it’s perfect for team bonding. Find a big area like a park, an indoor centre or a function room and blast the tunes! The options for games are endless and don't forget to have some trophys on hand for the winners ceremony at the end! For more inspiration on Office Olympics check out this website. 


Boat Cruise 

Boat's are a perfect way to see some beautiful scenery whist celebrating with colleagues. Last year KLC did a boat-type cruise for our Christmas party - it was called an Aqua Donut and it was fantastic! Floating around Melbourne's Docklands in the sun with a BBQ on board was a great way to end our year. There are so many types of boats you can party on, whether you have a big budget and want to hire a large yacht or a small team and want something simple like an Aqua Donut, Melbourne honestly has some great water packages to suit your team. Down the Yarra through the city or out at one of our famous bays, there are so many great places to keep your Christmas Party afloat!


So whether your budget is big, or your team is small, there are honestly some great ways to end the year with a bang and create some memories with your work friends over the silly season. Do something out of the norm and make sure you bond with those who you probably didn't get a chance to properly speak to throughout the year. I find that after the Christmas party every year, I learn something new and exciting about someone and honestly feel a little closer to those who we spend the 9-5 with daily. And of course, don't make a fool of yourself at the Christmas Party - our blog post What Not To Do At The Work Christmas Party has some great tips on how to stay in your boss's good books! 


Myself and the Team at KLC with you a very Merry Christmas and we hope you're party is as wild and wonderful as ours! 



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