6 ways a recruitment agency can transform your job search

6 ways a recruitment agency can transform your job search

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Searching for jobs can be frustrating and time consuming.  You may be applying for roles and getting no response, receiving constant generic emails saying thanks but no thanks with no constructive feedback as to why your application was unsuccessful.  You may feel like you have hit a brick wall and don’t know which way to turn next and just need some help in searching for and finding the job of your dreams.  A recruitment agency is a fantastic resource to utilise in your job search.  It costs you nothing and a recruiter is a representative for you in your job search.

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Ultimately a recruiter works with candidates and employers to aid a successful job match.  They can assist both candidates and clients, which means they are connected and important in the hiring process.  Recruiters can be the first to hear about job opportunities and they can have exclusive access to these roles that are not public information.  This is a great advantage for you the candidate.



Recruiters are an invaluable resource, with years of skills and insight and this knowledge will help you find the right roles to apply for but also assist you with your career goals.  Most recruiters are open to connecting on LinkedIn so don’t be afraid to reach out to them as recruiters use LinkedIn to connect with potential candidates.

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Recruiters will have built strong relationships with their clients.  The recruiter will have developed that trust and have a valuable insight into the organisation.  One reason employers like to work with recruitment agencies is that it saves them time.  Recruiters will do the initial screening and interviews and the compliance checks including references, so by the time a candidate meets with an employer, they have already passed the screening checks.  An interview secured through a recruiter means you are already a strong contender with great potential to get the job.


Looking at job boards and all the activities that are involved with a job search takes time, but they are necessary to carry out.  A recruiter has direct connections and can do the hard work for you.  A recruiter will match you to the best opportunities, which is what recruiters do best.  

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The goal for a recruiter is to find the perfect hiring solution for all involved.  Most positions secured through a recruitment agency are much more likely to turn into a long-term career and employment relationship.


A recruiter has thorough knowledge of their clients and exclusive access to some jobs.  They have a great understanding of their clients’ needs and desires.  A recruiter can give you that valuable information about what their client is looking for and what they will expect from you in an interview.


In conclusion, be honest with the recruiter and utilise their expertise.  The recruiter will be able to help you find the best match and it is important to manage your expectations and understand that you will not be considered and forwarded for every role available, the successful applicant must be suitable and meet the clients’ requirements and criteria.  A recruitment agency can be the key to unlocking those job opportunities that align with ultimately what you are looking for.  Are you looking for a career change or a new opportunity? KLC Recruitment is a leading recruitment and HR consultancy, with expertise across a number of industries throughout Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and internationally.



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