6 ways to separate yourself from other job candidates

6 ways to separate yourself from other job candidates

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In an ever-challenging space of employment, it is becoming easier to stand out as the perfect candidate.  There are some easy steps that can make the process more streamlined for you. We are all time poor and looking to secure answers to job security, so here are some ways you can take more control.

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Apart from having a resume and cover letter that is relevant to the job you are applying for, also check your social media presence including your LinkedIn profile that this correlates to the story you are telling in your application.

Then from there how do you ensure you are the candidate that leaves them wanting more?

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My tips for you would be:

  1. Read the audience.  Regardless of whether it is zoom or face to face, address each panel member by name and with eye contact.  There will normally be a good cop, bad cop scenario – don’t let this put you off.  Keep a good level of professional engagement and enthusiasm and don’t show them how funny you are until the moment presents itself!
  2. Remember to breathe and listen to the question being asked.  Remember that most interviews are Behavioral Based questions so you will need to understand the STAR methodology (we have mentioned this in other blogs so feel free to refresh yourselves).  Stay focused and be comfortable as you are reading the room to ask “did I answer that question well enough for you”?”
  3. Know about the job you are applying for – so re-read the job description and about the company.  If there is a reference made to a program or system that you have not heard of before then you can google that and be well versed in what they may ask of you.  Be intellectually curious about the program, the company, and let them feel that you have a genuine interest in becoming part of the company.
  4. When it comes to talking about you, let them know you love to learn and have a keen interest in continuing to grow.  Equally, you are happy to share your knowledge with others.  Show that you have a genuine interest in being a team player
  5. Have questions to ask.  Research the company, have they been in the press – ask a question re that.  How long have they been in operation – what is their growth strategy.  What do you hope the successful incumbent will be able to achieve in the short and long term?
  6. Ask what the process is from here and ask if it would be ok to follow up with them.  Be honest and tell them if you have other opportunities in the pipeline.  If you are the right candidate, they will come back to you very quickly.

Make today the last interview you have to go to for a long time.

Good luck!



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