9 proven ways to speed up your hiring process

9 proven ways to speed up your hiring process

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It’s probably an interesting time to put an article like this out, don’t you think?  With a global pandemic happening around us and our unemployment raising at a rapid rate, who wants to speed up the hiring process when there is a downturn in business?  Well my crystal ball doesn’t tell me how long this crisis is going to go for, but I do know that it may turn back on as quick as it turned off.

So, with this in mind, here are my thoughts for successful, swift recruitment.

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Job Boards

There are so many job boards options now so what have been the most successful in the past will not always yield you the best results now.  Do some research to see who else is advertising a similar role on what platform.  Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and think what would appeal to you in this climate.  With so many mobile devices available to everyone, make sure that when you do post that ad, that is going to have appeal to your audience. 

Attract the right people by writing the best ad and pay a little more so it is a standout ad that stays up the top of the page a little longer. KLC are experts in job advertising and offer services to write your advertisement from scratch, promote it on our various platforms such as seek, indeed, facebook, linkedin etc. For more information about our advertising and recruitment packages please check out our menu board or call our office for more information. 

Social Media

Traditional job boards as I mentioned above is not always the way to attract the right candidate. To ensure the candidates you want end up applying for the job you advertised can sometime mean a little more advertising to lead them there. If you have the right brand, people will be following your page/s; Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube Channel, Pintrest etc. Sometimes advertising on these platforms will double or even tripple the response you will get on your job applicants. We suggest a short status or an image with the wording "CURRENTLY HIRING A SWITCHED ON RECEPTIONIST" with a link to the job advertisement. You would see on KLC's social media pages that this is a prime way to get candidates especially if it is a quick to fill role. Check out our social media pages to stay up to date on our latest jobs and to be notified the moment one becomes available. 

Word of mouth

The cost of asking your team if they know anyone who will fit the profile of the company, the requirements of the job and the future growth is also a way of building the team.  There is an unspoken investment in the referral process.  Offer an incentive – but still ensure that your recruitment process holds up in the process.


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Flexible Interviews 

If this pandemic has shown us anything it is that we can move swiftly and can be flexible for where and how we meet and conduct our business.  Also consider that some employees who are still working at the moment cannot meet / virtually meet with you in the core hours of work.  Take that as a positive trait as they are dedicated to their employer, a quality you probably want in your team.  An after-hours interview or weekend catch up will be an hour out of your personal time but may create a long-term solution to your employment needs.


Group interviews

What may happen in these times is that you will be inundated with applications that you think are all suitable.  Group interviews are a way of doing the first level screening.  You will get to see how candidates interact in a group setting.  You should be able to identify personal traits that will suit your team.  You can get them to think on their feet and weed out the ones that don’t appeal.


move fast when you find someone 

Recruitment is an expensive function if you get it wrong, but it will also be expensive if you procrastinate on making a decision.  Before you start the interview process have your strategy set out.  Put the days aside for screening candidates, interviews, for reference checking, for contract writing, have your onboarding plan set out, ensure you can get a computer and phone for your employee.  We all have bills to pay and in these uncertain times candidates will make their minds up quickly so if you procrastinate you may lose the best candidate to another employer!


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flexible working arrangement 

In our current economy we know that we can work from anywhere so if your potential new employee needs some flexibility then we have proven that we can provide that as an option.  We no longer have to have our staff clock in and clock out.  Flexible work arrangement involves trust, empowerment and KPI management.  We can measure success by output.  Employees will not take advantage of our generosity, they should in fact be exceptionally proactive and responsive to the request we make. Working from home is one of these great initiatives to offer, everyone wants a better work life balance so maybe suggest some flexibility on working arrangements within the advert. 


Scout every day of the year 

Employers should be scouting for people for their team/s every single day.  You don’t have to have a vacancy to be in the market.  Networking is something that we should do all the time.  Sometimes we just don’t know what our current staff are doing/ what’s happening in their world/ what changes are taking place that may effect their current work situation – so to have options is a great professional decisions.  Build relationships, foster paths for communication and keep your eyes open at all times.



We are open for business and operating as usual.  Our strength is to walk alongside you to help you find the right candidate to fit the role that you have.  We back ourselves that we can compliment your needs by giving a guarantee on our services.  Recruitment is our business so we can find you a short list of suitable candidates in a short period of time allowing you to continue to grow and strengthen your business. For more information about how we can best assist you and your companies needs get in contact today 

Stay safe! 


Written By
Chris Sacco


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