Graduates Guide To Entering The Workforce

Graduates Guide To Entering The Workforce

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You finally did it, you graduated! You are now ready for the big-wide-world and ready to navigate through what seems to come with adulthood - many new challenges and opportunities. Those years of studying are finally over and your next step is easy right? To go find that job you have always dreamed of.

However just like you, I too was a new graduate looking for work. There are thousands like us every year who are recently qualified and keen to get their hard earned time turned into cold hard cash, therefore making this process very competitive. So, whether you are finding it hard to get the job you are after or are struggling to settle into your new role, it’s important to remember you are not alone. Nearly all graduates entering the workforce are going through all the same challenges as you, so its important to not be so hard on yourself.


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Broaden your search

When I finished studying, I struggled to find a role that I was interested in. The roles that caught my eye asked for something that my university degree couldn’t give me, experience. It honestly took me a while to find an entry level role that was in an industry that I was interested in. When I first started applying, I made the mistake of being very selective in my search. I applied for roles that I wanted or sounded fun, rather than applying for roles that would help me gain experience and grow my skillset. But once I broadened my search, I started to get phone calls.  So, make sure you aren’t limiting your search because you never know the opportunities and experience each job will bring.


Accepting the challenges never stop

Now you have the job and a huge congratulations to you. However, the challenges don’t stop here. Whether you have been in a similar environment as your new workplace or its completely new to you, there will be some new challenges that you may face. Don't rush yourself or put pressure on yourself, everyone has to start somewhere and everyone you are working with was once in your shoes. I think it’s important to remember you will have to start at the bottom and work your way up, no one enters the work force knowing all the answers so accept that and start asking all the questions!  


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No question is a dumb question 

Some great tips to remember is to not be afraid to ask questions. There is nothing worse than sitting there and having that horrible feeling not knowing what someone is talking about. Just asking a simple question will make you feel much better.


mistakes are a part of learning 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Yes, you are going to make mistakes and sometimes it can be daunting, but just remember to learn from those mistakes and take on any feedback. Remember you are in the best position to learn from the professionals. Imagine ten years from now when you are in your dream role and you have all the experience under your belt because of the mistakes you made and the questions you asked.  Learn from your teams experience and take on any advice they give you. 


Now you are in the swing of things and are starting to feel a lot more comfortable.  The tasks that seemed to difficult are now easy and you laugh at how at how tough you once found them. But no matter how easy everything starts to get, make sure you keep learning and keep growing. I watch the team at KLC and realised that all of them, new or old, never stop learning and growing and that's what makes work so exciting, to be working somewhere where everyday is a new day for growth. 

If you are a recent graduate and are looking for that foot in the door with the industry of your dreams, reach out to KLC today! We also offer amazing resume writing and interview skills technique training sessions to help you put that best foot forward. 


written by
jasmine ziirsen


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