How To Make Your Resume Standout

How To Make Your Resume Standout

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Resumes are a critical element to landing your next role or dream job. In today's current market hundreds of people can apply for one role, so how do you make your resume stand out and be noticed over all the others. It is your opportunity to sell yourself to the hiring manager on paper and make them want to call you.

It is concerning that survey results show that it takes on average less then 10 seconds for a hiring manager or recruiter to decide whether you are suitable for a role. This is why it is integral to ensure your resume makes a lasting first impression.


What Personal information Do I Need?

Obviously first and foremost you need to ensure the information in your resume is relevant. No one cares what school you completed Grade 6 at! Think less is more. Your full address is also not required, consider just putting the suburb you live in.

If you have a Linkedin account add those details, many companies use Linkedin as a professional tool and will often look to Linkedin for candidates. There is no need for a photo of yourself or your date of birth, hiring managers aren't going to hire you based on your most liked photo on Instagram so there is no need to put it on your CV. 

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Format and layout 

Is your resume easy to read? You should select a clean and simple resume format that is easy for the hiring manager to read and ascertain the information they want to know. If it is too busy and hard to read they may miss the critical information that shows you are the right person for the job. You are trying to ensure you hold the recruiters attention and that they don’t decide it is too hard and move to the next candidate. Also ensure you use the same font throughout the resume, and then change sizes and underline and bold to highlight the important information. You may want to add bright pink headings to attract attention, but refrain from this and instead opt for a subtle colour for headings if you wish too. Once again, less is more in this aspect and white space is your friend! Ensure your dot points for each role are short and sharp and highlight the main features. 


highlight your skills 

Consider cutting out a skills section and instead having a profession bio with highlights of your relevant previous roles. Alternatively if you wish to have a skills section include things like keywords and a quick snapshot of your core strengths that relate to the role you are applying for. Ensure that the information is relevant – don’t highlight that you are great with creative artistic design if you are applying for a role as a mechanic. Tailor your resume to each role you apply for and ensure some of the keywords from the advert are present in your resume


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When you list your previous roles ensure you have the dates you worked, your job title, the company, the duties you performed and then consider a subheading under each role titled "achievements". This is where you can dot point some of the great work you did in that role, reflecting the dot points you listed in "duties" above. 

Industry dependant, it may be worth considering using statistics in your resume that highlight an example of an achievement and what you can bring to the company. This could also be mention of special projects or customer growth. an example of one could be "increased sales for the company by 60% in one month" or "our newsletter had a total of 70% opens throughout the time I was in the marketing role" 


Lastly, please remember these final tips, as these can be a real deal breaker. Your resume is not the place to mention your salary expectations, this is a personal discussion for the interview. Leave your social media addresses and accounts off your resume. You should also consider what you have on your accounts and if you wish for a potential employer to see these things. Doing a clean up of your social media accounts prior to applying for roles is a great idea!

For more information on how to write a resume, or how to succeed in an interview get into contact with a KLC Consultant today and take advantage of our amazing Resume and Interview Skills Technique Sessions. 



written by 
Jo Thomson 

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