How To Stay Office Fit

How To Stay Office Fit

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While there are many perks to a desk job it also comes with sitting on your butt all day which we can all agree, isn’t the best thing for your waistline! That oh-so comfy chair you slug out in for at least 38 hours a week can make you feel unmotivated and a little achy, so here are some of the best ways to stay healthy and fit while working the 9 to 5.



Buy a reusable water bottle

Our wonderful director Chris recently gifted everyone in the office a fancy new personalised water bottle and it has honestly been one of the best, most motivating presents. I fill it up the moment I get to work in the morning and aim to fill it up at least 2 or 3 times more throughout the day. Setting a little goal on how many times you get to the end not only makes the day go faster but it keeps away the headaches and ups your hydration. Upping your H2O rids the tiredness and boosts your overall mood and energy. Plus, you will spend more time on your feet walking to fill up your bottle and of course going to the toilet! If the taste of water bores you, chuck some fruit or herbs in the mix and you have yourself a wonderful calorie free cocktail. Personal fave – lime and mint, it’s like a mojito without the hangover.


Take your whole break and use it

Most of the time we take our breaks at our desk because its comfy and convenient to do so. Try getting up for your break and taking a walk around the block before you chow down on last night’s leftovers. Not only are you entitled to do so but it is also a good time to reset your brain and gather some fresh air. By taking this time out in the middle of your day, you’ll get the oxygen flowing through your body and hit the refresh button on your brain. If you have a long lunch break like an hour, bring your runners and activewear to work and really make some use of your time. Try some stretching in the sun or some lunges down the street. Head to the office gym if you have one, book in a yoga class or go for a run around the closest park. Your health and work productivity with thank you!


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Schedule a meeting on the move

Swap those sit-down meetings for walks where you can. For internal meetings or thinktanks, ask the team for a stroll around the block and walk while you talk. This is a great way to boost creativity while getting your daily dose of Vitamin D! If you have a phone conversation scheduled, pop your earphones in and pace around a meeting room with your note pad on the desk.


Do some desk-ercise

So, it’s disgustingly humid out side or pouring with rain and you honestly cant get out for your usual lunch time walk, we get it, you don’t need to look like a drowned rat to get your exercise for the day in. Why not hold a mid-day work out with your colleagues at your desks. At KLC we try to do this every few hours, someone will stand up and do a few squats over their chair or we have a competition who can keep their legs off the floor and at a 90 degree angle the longest. You’d be surprised how fun it can be when everyone joins in.

Stand up out of your seat and do some leg stretches by trying to touch your toes, drop to the floor and do a few push ups or planks. What about some triceps dips off your desk or go all out and attempt some star jumps – make sure you kick off your heels for that one!

For those abs of steels, squeeze the muscles in your core for a minute and then release. To tone those gluts and legs, shuffle your butt to the end of your seat and hold onto the arms of the chair and lean back. Do arm circles, wrists rolls, neck tilts and shoulder shrugs.

A helpful hint is buying a smart watch or a Fit Bit. My Fit Bit tells me constantly to move around so what better time to do a quick 5-minute workout and then delve back into my work. You will get your heart rate and your step count up for the day.


Stash your draw with goodies

I never knew what the 3:30 sugar crave was until I worked in an office – the pain is real. To prevent that desperate run down to Coles, try stashing your desk draw with some nuts, dried fruit, protein bars or bliss balls. I aim to have a sweet tea like a forest fruits or peppermint around that time and to cure those munchies, open up the draw and have a light snack.

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Ditch your car

Recently I have been between cars as I sold my lovely little sports car and have been sharing one with my dad. This wasn’t ideal because I hate to catch public transport, but it was a great way to start my morning off with a stroll. A few days a week I would make the public transport commute to work and I honestly feel like my productivity on those days peaked. If you live close to work, try swapping your usual transport for a cycle or a walk. If you do take the train or bus, try getting off at an earlier stop and walking that bit further – even park a few blocks away and get those steps up!


Sit up straight

Your grandmother may have sounded like quite the nag; however she was defiantly right about posture. When we sit at a computer, we tend to get drawn into the screen and crane our necks forward. You don’t want to end up like Quasimodo – so sit up tall in that chair! Roll your shoulders back and down and tuck your chin in so everything is lined up. It will feel weird at first but once you get into the habit you will feel better for it. Sometimes it is your computer that is the problem, check yours right now while you’re reading this. Is the screen at a comfortable eye level or do you find yourself looking down and tilting your head? Adjust your monitor or pop your laptop on a reem of paper.

One of the best inventions for office workers is a stand-up desk. One of the ladies at KLC invested in a stand-up desk and she swears by it! Maybe it is time you restructured your desk to help kick those unhealthy habits and bring some tone back into your booty. It isn’t all doom and gloom working in and office, and as you can see from the above, at KLC we like to make office time fun. After a long hard week or working and micro exercising we like to spoil ourselves with a Friday champagne – because, well, we deserve it! 

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written by
Olivia Buhagiar 

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