Interview Technique Training

Interview Technique Training

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So you finally decided to take that big scary leap and open yourself up to the wonderful and exciting world that is the new job market, you have put together an amazing resume and cover letter and you have been fortunate enough to secure an interview.

Now is when the panic sets in, your thoughts start to turn to panic “I haven’t interviewed for fifteen years I don’t know what I am doing, my last employer took me for a coffee not an interview how am I supposed to know what to do? What in the world is a behavioural based interview?”

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“Engaging KLC to help me with my interview techniques turned out to be an amazing decision. Not only was Stephanie honest and encouraging she gave me the confidence I had been lacking in my previous interviews- and I got the job. I have been recommending her services while boasting my successes”


That’s where KLC can help- since we started offering Interview Technique Training packages at KLC eight years ago we have been blown away and are quietly proud of the results our participants have been achieving at interview.

However, don’t be mistaken it is not for the faint hearted and as many of our participants will attest, it was even more challenging than they expected!


So what can I expect in my session? 

  • A  3-hour session where we tailor behavioural interview questions for you -although at the time they might feel foreign I guarantee when you leave they will not
  • Real, honest advice on where you did and didn’t hit the mark in terms of answer these questions. Unlike that last place you went for an interview and didn’t receive any feedback we are all about the feedback so get ready
  • A fully formatted video of you during your interview so you can look back and dissect your body language and presentation or just cringe if you hate the idea of watching yourself back for an hour)
  • To walk away feeling more prepared and ready to tackle any interview situation -this we guarantee


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Even if you cannot attend a KLC interview Techniques session there are still a number of things you can do yourself to prepare:

  • Ensure you have given prior thought to your examples. Not preparing for an interview is like showing up on game day without training and expecting to win- not likely!
  • As HR professionals we can only ask the same questions so many different ways, so depending on the role and level you are applying for start to think of examples you have of your ability to; problem solving, work as a part of a team, lead a team and so on
  • If when I say use the STAR technique you think I’m talking about astrology- then do your research! The most impressive examples presented at any interview are well structured and STAR will help you with this
  • Sit In front of a mirror and practice, yes you will feel incredibly silly- however I guarantee you seeing yourself answer questions gives you great insight into how you present
  • Please research the organisation prior to your interview, don’t be that person at interview who asks “so what do you guys do”!



We would love to work with you, to ensure you ace your next interview , so if you feel like you might need a little bit of help please reach out to KLC today.

Employers also keep in mind we offer this package as a part of outplacement service as well.

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