Recruitment Success Story

Recruitment Success Story

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I have been in recruitment for 12 years and worked in agency and internal recruitment.  It has always been rewarding to see candidates I have placed secure their dream job, whether they are graduates on the first step of their career ladder or someone looking to progress into a more senior role. I have been a part of many success stories over the years, and it is difficult to pinpoint just one.  I have been fortunate to recruit internationally within the UK, Europe and Australia and I have now been recruiting in Australia for 5 years.

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What is a success story?

My success stories are down to taking the time to build relationships. I like to take the time to get a good understanding of what is most important to the client and the candidate, and this results in positive and longer-lasting relationships.  Gaining a good reputation does not happen overnight and staying true to your own high standards will enhance long-lasting relationships.  I provide empathy and understanding when listening and considering client and candidate needs, which helps me to gain their trust.

My success stories

UK experience story

When I was in the UK, one of my roles was as an internal recruitment role for an international IT company.  The company had successfully implemented a graduate program in the USA. I was hired to support the implementation and management of the European graduate program, which would be based out of Frankfurt in Germany.  My role involved sourcing and recruiting graduates of computer engineering based in France, Italy, Sweden, and Germany.  The program had two intakes a year, recruiting 20 candidates for each intake.  I successfully managed to recruit for both intakes in the 2 years I worked on the program, and it was rewarding to see these graduates successfully complete the program and achieve graduate consultant positions within the company and progress in the subsequent years to follow.

Australia experience story

My recruitment journey here has reached 5 years and despite 2 years of that being impacted by Covid, there have still been some great success stories.  I had to adapt to a different market and build relationships from scratch.  The fundamentals of recruitment are no different here in the UK, however, there is more emphasis on face-to-face meetings and coffee catch-ups which thankfully is something that is starting to happen again.  In the last few years, I have moved from IT Recruitment to recruiting in the social and community services sectors. This has been a learning curve and a fantastic opportunity to gain new knowledge in a truly diverse and exciting industry.  I have met some amazing candidates who are true advocates for their clients and create positive outcomes for those who are vulnerable and in crisis.  It has been rewarding to place these candidates in these challenging and life-changing roles and to effectively support clients so that they can continue to deliver high quality and valuable services to the community. 

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I enjoy meeting people, solving problems, and making a positive difference to clients who need resources and candidates who need a job.  My inner drive allows me to strive, take on challenging roles, and ultimately achieve success.  By assisting people in achieving their dream jobs, I can help a candidate with positive life-long changes in their professional life. The selection of the right candidate for the client is critical as it can make or break the execution of any project and impact the general reputation of the company and its ability to gain further projects. 



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