Why Hiring Grad's is Beneficial

Why Hiring Grad's is Beneficial

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When looking to employ a new staff member there are many options to consider. One option is hiring a graduate. 

Employing a graduate has many benefits that often gets overlooked by employers. Graduates are literally fighting for work after university, but would it be worthwhile for your company to hire one? Below I discuss the to reasons why hiring a graduate is beneficial.


Graduates are enthusiastic

All new staff are excited about started a new job, but a grad knows this is their chance to prove themselves and make a good impression. They will bring a whole new level of energy and enthusiasm to your workplace. If you’re new to both a job and the working world in general, you’re bound to be very keen to do your best. Recent figures even suggest that Millennials will be the first generation to earn less than their parents, so with the odds against them, working hard to impress will be more important to these employees than ever before. Plus, they’ve just left academia, so will be primed to learn even more in order to succeed.


Graduates are flexible

You may also find a grad is more flexible then someone with experience. They want a foot in the door and a chance to work so are more likely to be flexible. As it is their first job in the industry they are less likely to have preconceived ideas and bad work habits. This flexibility also involves their salary negotiation - now don't get me wrong, i am not talking cheap labour hire here, but with little to no experience, they aren't expecting a huge wage! A competitive salary for a graduate plus the training and skills they will learn within their industry will be enough. Anything higher will be more appealing, but with not much more cost to your company’s payroll – something worth considering if you can’t find the right people.


Graduates want to learn

Graduates are fresh out of their course and now they want to learn and practice what they took out of their course. This allows business' the opportunity to train and shape them to suit their own business and get the most out of them. It’s probably their first proper job and potentially their first experience of full-time office life. This means that you’re able to teach them from the get-go how to work, and how to approach company issues, rather than trying to mold someone with pre-existing habits. Graduates are often referred to as a “blank canvas”.

image 16.10.19


Graduates want to work 

As this is their first job, they will want to impress. Don’t think this means they can work a 60 hour week on a 40 hour contract, but they will be open to extra hours, new opportunities, and helping out in as many ways as possible. Plus, due to a probable lack of home commitments (in comparison to your more experienced colleagues), they will be more flexible with their free time and might be more able to attend an evening event at short notice or travel. Graduates want experience and want to grow, therefore they are likely to be committed more so then someone who might be coming to the end of their career.

Graduates offer a fresher outlook 

Younger generations will have different perspectives on life and will be able to contribute new, innovative and fresh ideas. Not to mention, they’re likely to be more in touch with current trends, and have different views, which will help to inject a younger voice into your organisation and increase diversity. 



At the end of the day graduates need to get into employment as they are the future of the work force. Do you remember your first role fresh out of university and how amazing it felt to be hired by a corporate organisation? We all start from somewhere, so maybe today is a good day to consider hiring a graduate for your organisation. 

KLC Recruitment constantly fill entry level roles and we meet with hundreds of graduates every year who are bubbling with knowledge and enthusiasm. If you feel your company could use a graduate, whether that be in Social Work, Finance, NDIS, Aged Care or any other line of work, we would be happy to help. Our thorough recruitment process ensures we find the right graduate for your organisation and we can undertake certain training and compliance checks suited to your business. Reach out to KLC Recruitment today for your next recruitment need! 


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