Why Psychometric Testing is Important in Recruitment

Why Psychometric Testing is Important in Recruitment

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Within recruitment there are many tools and tests used to better understand a candidate in order to gain knowledge on if they will really be the right person for the role. One common test companies use in their recruitment process include psychometric testing.


Firstly lets discuss what psychometric testing is...

Psychometric testing looks at personality characteristics and aptitude and can be a useful tool in gaining an understanding of ones behavioural traits and how they will fit into a team and role that they have applied for. 

Many companies use psychometric testing in the recruitment stage to assist with deciding on the right candidate and although they can be extremely helpful in the process they are not to be used alone. A psychometric test is one side of the assessment, the other side is to interview them face to face to assess if the candidate has the skills and experience required for the role.


Other uses for psychometric testing

Some clients that I have worked with also use psychometric testing within their annual reviews, this is a good way to see if the person has changed at all from the previous year and it can help the manager to understand the person better and how to mange them. I have seen this work best when the Manager sits down with the person and they discuss the results. Common questions as an employer to ask the employee is “does the employee think that this is a true reflection of their personality? Is there anything they would like to work on? Do they think that more should have changed since the previous year?


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Employers using psychometric testing 

Often candidates are nervous when doing any form of testing, if you are using this in recruitment you should speak with the candidate and outline why this tool is used and also that they benefit from doing it. If the test shows that they would not operate well in the environment it may be best they know that now, it can help their future manager know how best they respond in stressful situations and therefore they will know how to support them properly.

From an employer point of view as long as the company has identified the characteristics of a person that is best suited to the role they often find that psychometric testing usually means the successful candidate is likely to stay with the company for a long time therefore improving their overall staff retention. Where I have seen this fall down is when a company uses psychometric testing on candidates in the recruitment process but they have not spent the time in assessing their current workforce to see what attributes are favourable from their best employees and what they have found in common with employees that perform at a lower standard.

In my opinion psychometric testing definitely has it’s place in recruitment and can be an excellent tool that saves the candidate time and the company money in the hiring process.


written by
Natalie Hinchsliff 

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