Why You Should Think Twice About Ghosting a Recruiter

Why You Should Think Twice About Ghosting a Recruiter

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The term ghosting was unheard of ten years ago, fast forward and now we hear the term widely used not only in online dating but in recruitment! Like we get it, life becomes too busy sometimes that you can’t make a date or in our case an interview – but when did common courtesy go out the door? In today’s blog post I explore the phenomenon of ghosting and why you should think twice about ghosting a recruiter.


The world we live in today is full of various communication platforms; from text messages that pop up on your watch, direct messages via a photo comment on Instagram, right through to Linkedin messenger. There is literally no way you can escape getting in contact with someone in today’s digital world. This brings me to the issue of ghosting - if someone has attempted to get in contact with you and you haven’t replied, you have officially ghosted that person and in my eyes, you have taken the cowards way out.


Ghosting is just plain rude

Clearly you can tell my attitude towards being ghosted – because yes, I have been ghosted before and not just in a recruitment setting. You will never forget the ones that ghost you because they stand out like a sore thumb…or a pain in the arse. It’s rude, its obnoxious and it’s frustrating because you know they have read your message or seen your attempt to get in contact. Ghosting is the easy thing to do, just like sweeping things under the rug, but when you are in a professional setting it can be detrimental to not only to you, but ultimately to your future in employment. You never know when your CV may come across our desks again, or what other company we may work for in the future of recruitment. To act like someone doesn’t exist or to lack consideration and selfishly think their world isn’t impact is ignorant. The world is a very small place especially in recruitment, 6 degrees of separation is sometimes only one mutual friend away!


The Excuses

We get it, life is complicated, kids get in the way, cars can break down, you’ve picked up gastro, grandma is dying or whatever other impacting situation seems to happen the moment you have an interview. We have honestly heard every excuse under the sun, but no matter how awful the excuse is, at least you got in contact with your recruiter. You may leave a sour taste in our mouths at first, but to be honest, picking up the phone and advising us to not wait around for you to show is much nicer than not. Your excuse could be real, could be fake, or could cause you some bad karma – but there is no excuse for not getting in contact in the first place!


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Honesty is the best policy

I say it to my daughter all the time, “honesty is the best policy - if you ate all those chocolate cookies, don’t tell mummy you didn’t, because girl, I can see it on your face” … literally! It’s in our nature to tell a little white lie here and there, but doesn’t it feel so much better when you tell the truth and don’t get caught in an embarrassing fib? Having the confidence to call or send an email and advise the recruiter that you actually aren’t interested in the job anymore, or you took another offer, or you think the pay is too low or whatever it is that has you second guessing the role is better than ghosting us. I couldn’t count the amount of times we have received those calls, and you know what, those people are still in our system and when they call us in the future for a potential role we smile! On the other hand, I can honestly remember every name of every single person who has ghosted us – and to finally hear back from them years later wanting a job makes us smile... but of a different kind! Just be straight up honest and move on with life, it’s the polite and the right thing to do and will always work out better for you in the long run.


So, I think I have explained my point pretty well - ghosting is rude, downright cowardly and will not benefit you in any way! There is no excuse for it, especially in this day and age where communication platforms such as Linkedin, actually GIVE YOU a reply, you don’t even have to type it, you just click it. So, don’t ghost, plain and simple - leave a good impression that will last because you never know when you might meet that individual or need them to put you forward for your dream role. It may be acceptable on Tinder, but in business, a proverbial left swipe to ignore just isn’t good enough!


Written By
Olivia Buhagiar 

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