24 Aug 2021

Episode 21: Newest Members of KLC

This month we welcomed the newest members of the team! We discussed about how we feel about being part of the team, explain each roles and challenges we faced in this trying times.

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30 Apr 2021

Episode 20: How to Start your Career in this Pandemic/Trying Times

Navigating a new job at any point in a professional career can often be intimidating or overwhelming. Doing so in the midst of a global crisis only further compounds those feelings. In this episode, listen and learn some tips in preparing yourself!

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31 Mar 2021

Episode 19: Tips to consider before accepting a Job Offer

When you’re considering a job offer, there’s more to think about than just how much you are going to be paid! In this week's episode, listen to some things to consider before accepting a job offer.

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26 Feb 2021

Episode 18: Tips on Human Resource

As of this afternoon our General Manager Stephanie Berry will be on maternity leave but before she goes, she'll be having a talk with us in this week's episode of KLC Korner. Listen now to for advice as she share some top sector tips on Human Resource!

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4 Feb 2021

Episode 17: Performing in your First Real Job

This weeks episode of KLC Korner find out how to perform in your first real job. Jasmine Ziirsen, one of our Recruitment and HR Administrator talks about her experience in her first corporate job. This podcast contains tips and tricks that will surely help you go through it!

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16 Dec 2020

Episode 16: KLC Christmas Podcast

As 2020 draws to an end, the team at KLC got together for one last podcast to discuss the year that has been, their excitement for the Christmas break and what's ahead for 2021. From all of us at KLC Recruitment - have a very happy and safe Christmas and New Years and enjoy the podcast!

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10 Dec 2020

Episode 15: Salary Negotiation

This weeks episode of KLC Korner uncovers how to best negotiate your salary. Whether you are in a job interview trying to secure the right role or you are currently in a role but think its time you received more, we have the tips for you! KLC's Director Chris Sacco talks about her experience as a employee and an employer in this situation.

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17 Nov 2020

Episode 14: Preparing For an Interview

This week we sat down with Jo Thomson, one of KLC's Recruitment Consultants and she discussed her top three tips all job seekers should know before attending an interview! This short and sweet podcast is exactly what you need to get better prepared while you're on the job hunt!

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6 Nov 2020

Episode 13: How To Answer Difficult Interview Questions

This week Jarrod Sacco outlines from an interviewers perspective how to best answer difficult questions thrown at you during an interview! He discusses the type of questions you might be faced with, why recruiters ask these specific questions and some tips to ensure you answer them correctly!

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20 Oct 2020

Episode 12: How To Write A Cover Letter

This week one of KLC Recruitment's Recruitment and HR Consultants Natalie Hinchsliff addresses the question how to write a cover letter and dives into all the do's and don't every job seeker should know! Natalie's expert advise and years of knowledge will help you stand out in the application process!

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7 Oct 2020

Episode 11: Addressing Key Selection Criteria

Stephanie Berry has over 11 years of HR knowledge and has conducted thousands of interviews in her time, including group, panel and one-on-one. In this episode Stephanie discusses how to address Key Selection Criteria in your Cover Letter and in your interview to ensure you stand out against the other candidates!

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15 Sep 2020

Episode 10: Job Hunting Through COVID

Are you too scared to leave your current role or lost your job due to COVID and are on a frantic hunt to get back in the market? This is the podcast episode for you! Stephanie Banks-Smith discusses what to do if you are in either of these positions and how to put your best foot forward so your application stands out from the hundreds of applications online.

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14 Aug 2020

Aged Care Podcast Series: Episode 2: What is your Contingency?

Chris Sacco discusses the current pandemic and the questions posed to Aged Care Facilities about what is their contingency plan? With experience implementing these plans, Chris shares the in's and out's there is to know about how to manage an Aged Care facility during COVID-19 and what to do if you are faced with an outbreak.

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31 Jul 2020

Episode 9: Common Interview Mistakes

This week we sat down with Jo Thomson, a Consultant at KLC Recruitment who has over 20 years experience under her belt! Jo discusses the most common interview mistakes and gives her advice on how to best avoid them! Everyone gets nervous during interviews and you are bound to make mistakes however after listening to this podcast you'll feel much better prepared!

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17 Jul 2020

Episode 8: How To Make Yourself More Marketable

This week KLC was given the question how does a job seeker make themselves more marketable. We sat down with Jarrod Sacco and discussed resume formats, social media accounts and how to ensure your first impressions at an interview last!

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2 Jul 2020

Aged Care Podcast Series: Episode 1

Chris Sacco discusses her experience adhering to the Aged Care Standards with our various Aged Care clients. Her knowledge on the sector and the 8 Standards, in particular 'Standard 7: Human Resources' is second to none and is shown through her thorough recruitment process and the outstanding results our clients have received on scheduled audits and unannounced visits!

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19 Jun 2020

Episode 7: Lessons Learned As A Small Business Owner

This week we sat down with Chris Sacco the director of KLC Recruitment and discussed her lessons learned as a small business owner. Chris reflects on the past decade of KLC and provides expert advice for anyone looking to take the leap of faith and start their own small business.

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4 Jun 2020

Episode 6: Redundancy

Stephanie Berry discusses all things redundancy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stephanie's expert advice on the topic has brought a great level of comfort to our clients and employees during this time and she wants to share her knowledge to ensure you - as either an employer or an employee - are set up with the tools you need if faced with redundancy!

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20 May 2020

Episode 5: Job Application & Interview Tips

This week we spoke with Natalie, one of the Recruitment Consultants at KLC about structuring a resume, applying for roles and acing an interview to ensure you score your next dream role! Her industry experience is second to none and this podcast is one not to miss if you're looking for a job in this current market!

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6 May 2020

Episode 4: How Recruitment Has Changed With COVID-19

Stephanie Banks-Smith one of the Recruitment Consultants at KLC talks about how recruitment has changed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Stephanie shares her insights on the job market and the recruitment process and outlines some hot tips for employers and candidates during isolation.

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