20 May 2020

Episode 5: Job Application & Interview Tips

This week we spoke with Natalie, one of the Recruitment Consultants at KLC about structuring a resume, applying for roles and acing an interview to ensure you score your next dream role! Her industry experience is second to none and this podcast is one not to miss if you're looking for a job in this current market!

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6 May 2020

Episode 4: How Recruitment Has Changed With COVID-19

Stephanie Banks-Smith one of the Recruitment Consultants at KLC talks about how recruitment has changed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Stephanie shares her insights on the job market and the recruitment process and outlines some hot tips for employers and candidates during isolation.

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29 Jan 2020

Episode 3: Resume Writing Tips

Stephanie Berry speaks about how to structure and write a resume to ensure you're a standout candidate for the next position you apply for! We cover such topics as Key Selection Criteria, Cover Letters and References and Stephanie gives her inside recruiter advice on what hiring managers are really looking for!

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3 Dec 2019

Episode 2: Changes in HR

KLC's Director Chris Sacco discussed the changes in HR over the past two decades. From technological advancements to a new generation of workers with very different ideas and expectations of what employment looks like - Chris has 20 years of experience and has seen it all!

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13 Nov 2019

Episode 1: Why use a Recruitment Agency

Stephanie Berry discusses her lessons learned through working in recruitment and touches on why it is beneficial for job seekers and employers to use a boutique recruitment and consulting agency like KLC

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