If you’re Recruiting for a Permanent position, KLC Recruitment want to ensure you have the best possible candidate for your role. We help you identify high calibre people who will fit in and help improve your organisational culture and performance. We understand that you’re looking for someone who can go the distance and remain with the organisation over the long run, therefore KLC’s highly skilled Consultants aim to understand your company, culture, wants and needs within the first conversation. We work in partnership with our clients from the outset to ensure streamlined processes and successful outcomes every time.

KLC has the ability to source the right fit by asking the right questions and seeking out candidates who may not be actively looking for work. We are determined to give you the best level of customer care and satisfaction with your hire by providing you with exceptional knowledge and expertise. Our team of experienced consultants specialise in assigning both short-term and long-term candidates to a range of job roles in various industries.


What our Permanent Recruitment strategy involves;


People are at the core of everything we do at KLC Recruitment. Our approach ensures successful Recruitment outcomes and meaningful relationships with clients and candidates that last the test of time.

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