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Training & Testing Services

At KLC Recruitment we can assist organisations with a range of employee Testing and Training. Whether you want to test a potential new employee or your long-standing team, we have packages to suit your needs.

KLC understand that sometimes employees need upskilling or training for projects or company restructure. We have a proven track record of successfully implementing new strategies and procedures to entire organisations through our training sessions. Our resumes writing and interview technique workshops are highly sort after if you are making roles redundant. Over the years we have seen hundreds of attendees successfully up-skill and ultimately gain that confidence to land a new role.  


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DISC Profiling

 The DISC profile is one of the most popular personality assessments used across organisations of all sizes. It gives employers objective data that allows them to isolate some of the common denominators and holds exciting possibilities for improved performance.

Behaviour profiling gives you invaluable information about how a person will behave, so you can assess how well their personality fits the role and team requirements.

KLC Consultants are trained in administering and interpreting DISC profiles on employees for a range of roles in a variety of sectors. With the ability to tailor each test to suit the company, it's understandable why this service is adopted by many employers. 


Our DISC profiling aims to identify behavioural fits through the following measures;

 Behaviour and communication styles

Anticipate workplace behaviour by understanding personality orientation and preferred communication style

Predict behaviour at work

Identify personality fit against core role requirements and existing team dynamics

24 questions

Employees nominate which of four sets of behavioural descriptors is most and least indictive of their style


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Reference Checks 

Reference checking is a valuable tool for businesses both large and small as hiring the wrong person for the job can have catastrophic effects on a business.

KLC's experienced team will conduct in-depth reference checks for any given role. We understand the importance of taking detailed candidate references from superiors of previous roles as this is a vital step in the recruitment process. Completing references within a short timeframe ensures you can make your final decision on your preferred candidate without delay.


Our reference check service includes;

Developments of a tailored reference check template ensuring your key selection areas are examined

Scheduling of all phone calls with referees

Completion of a thorough reference check by a qualified KLC consultant

Delivery of quality references within tight timeframes

Delving or seeking clarification on any areas of concern raised


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Resume & Interview Technique Sessions

It’s a common occurrence in businesses where a project will arise, and your internal team are required to apply for the position. This can be daunting for long standing employees as they probably don’t know how to address key selection criteria, have an up-to-date resume or are brushed up on their interviewing skills.


KLC’s experienced consultants will organise an on site informative workshop which includes;

2 hour group discussions and coaching

1 hour one-on-one consultations including resume writing, interview coaching, a mock interview and constructive feedback.


For more information on any of the above training or testing packages please get in contact with a friendly KLC Consultant today. We can cater our services to suit your needs.


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